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    Herbstzeit ist Mantelzeit

    Hey Leute, wir alle stecken schon mittendrin im „Goldenen Herbst“. Ich persönlich liebe den Herbst wegen seiner Farben, aber auch weil es für mich die stylischste Jahreszeit ist. Denn im Herbst zeigt sich meiner…

    2. November 2016
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    Marks & Spencer

    Hey guys, here is my next blogpost about my cooperation with the british label Marks & Spencer and the online marketplace Shoppinglinks, which is designed to make it easier for Bloggers and Brands to connect and collaborate. Marks &…

    13. September 2016
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    Rumjungle Italia

    Hey guys, here is my next blogpost about my collaboration with the italian Brand Rumjungle. Rumjungle Italia was born with the aim of creating a clothing brand that expresses young attitudes and that reflects and identifies…

    15. Juli 2016
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    Ratisbona Streetsstyle

    Hey guys, this blogpost is about Ratisbona, one of my favorite cities in Bavaria. It’s about 50 kilometers away from my hometown and I have been working there for 3 months. Ratisbona is a…

    1. Juli 2016
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    Beanie & Bomber

    Hey guys, what do you think about this crazy weather? Now we have already June but it is still like weather in April. The weather changes from sunshine to rain almost every hour. So…

    5. Juni 2016
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    Onepiece Onesie

    Hey guys, here is my next Blogpost about the collaboration with onepiece. The brand was established in 2007 in Oslo. Simple ideas are often the best ideas, so they decided to put sweatpants together…

    2. Juni 2016